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Student’s art chosen for governor’s office


photo credit: photo of painting by Jennifer Thompson

Golden retriever // After four years art and entering various art competitions, senior and AP Art student Olivia Scott received the greatest award of all: her watercolor art piece was chosen to hang in the Governor’s office next spring. “Sometimes your art turns out poorly and sometimes it turns out amazing,” Scott said. “But you can’t have amazing art without having to go through the bad pieces too. Everyone has their own style and all art is different so don’t be afraid to practice being different.”

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter

After four years of erasing marks, matting masterpieces, and winning various awards for her art pieces, senior and AP Art student Olivia Scott’s work continues to pay off in this year’s Youth Art Month State Capital Exhibit and Visual Art Scholar Event.

Each year, the Office of the first lady Of Texas selects 16 works of art from the exhibit that was showcased in the Governor’s Business Office for the next year.

I was extremely excited because being chosen was not something I was expecting. It definitely is the highlight of my senior year.”

— Olivia Scott, senior

“The art piece that I entered for the exhibit was my best friend’s dog that I took a picture of,” said Scott. “I hadn’t really painted an animal in detail before so I thought I would try it. I used acrylics and water along with gold on top because I love gold leaf.”

Out of 16 selected art pieces from the exhibit, picked by the Governor’s wife, Mrs. Abbott, to be displayed in the Governor’s Business Offices for the next year, Scott’s painting was chosen to be hung in the governor’s office next year.

“Ms.Thompson [art teacher] asked if I wanted to enter a piece in this contest and I casually chose which art piece to enter, but I never expected it to go this far,” Scott said. “I was extremely excited because being chosen was not something I was expecting. It definitely is the highlight of my senior year.”

In the past, Scott’s art was awarded, the Best of Show at the 2018 Celebrate the Arts Show. Meanwhile in the V.A.S.E. competition of this year, Scott’s painting advanced in the competition and will go to state in San Antonio for her watercolor portrait.

“This year I will be going with a few other students that will be going to,” Scott said. “I am really excited to see how things go for everyone.”

When she isn’t competing in art shows, scott spends her time taking on the role of vice president for the National Art Honor Society.  

“Olivia has an incredible gift for painting,” Ms. Thompson said. “She specializes in gorgeous watercolor portraits for her AP Art portfolio. Apart from being a great student, she is also an amazing leader in the NAHS organization.”

Scott plans to go to study art in college.

“In 10 years, I hope to be doing something that involves art,” Scott said. “But I don’t think I want to pursue art as my sole career. I want to pursue a career in helping people somehow, however I will always love to spend my time doing art.”