Gettin’ spirit on

photo credit Mya Jones
All stars // After showing off their ultimate school spirit by dancing, screaming and cheering for the judges with the other finalists, this year's top five strutted their stuff with Principal Mike Williams, who was dressed as a football player. “It really makes me feel good and smile seeing the students participate,” said Mr. Williams. “It makes me feel like kids really care about the school. Everyone was smiling because they were having so much fun.” The winners won small prizes.

writer Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter

The annual Ultimate Raider Contest kicked off the the beginning of football season Aug 31. Students and staff showed off their utmost school spirit by dressing up and painting their faces in the school’s colors. Contestants were judged by the assistant principals on creativity and uniqueness. Towards the end of the contest, the top five won gift cards to local fast food restaurants and boxes of candy.