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Calling the shots \\ Senior Jada Hahs prepares for her first shot during her first round of vaccinations.

Teens with vaccines

writer: Shelby Perry, Staff Reporter
March 30, 2021
To mask or not to mask? \\ Requiring a mask has gotten more difficult now that Texas has lifted its mandate. There are people that choose to no longer wear a mask, while others feel it is still a precaution that is necessary. The main issue at hand is people are unaware of what rules certain areas have regarding masks. While this is confusing, people need to wear a mask, where it is still mandatory, rather than fighting it.

To mask or not to mask?

writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter
March 29, 2021
Fair to all \\ Freshmen practice in the gym before school Aug. 25. Cheerleading and drill team are required to wear masks at all times and social distance more than six feet. 

Unfair mask mandate only affects certain sports

writer: Braelyn Wiest, journalism student
March 19, 2021
It's not time \\ It’s understandable wanting to change a few rules so businesses can continue making profit, since tons of people have lost their jobs due to business closures, but allowing people to no longer wear masks in public places will only worsen the current situation.

Abbott’s decision is premature

writer: Hermela Assefa, journalism student
March 17, 2021
Remotely engaged \\ Freshman Axel Guerra participates in his second period world geography class in a Google Meet.

COVID-19 affects student learning

writer: Hermela Assefa, journalism student
March 3, 2021
Behind the screen  \\ Sophomore Elena Flores is a remote learner in culinary class. She cooks along at home as she watches Chef Calin and the on-campus learners prepare food in class. “I recorded myself cooking an omelet and just last weekend I recorded myself cutting a watermelon,” Flores said Flores said.

Home cookin’

writer: Mallery Koehler, journalism student
February 14, 2021
Not today quarantine \\ After missing last season due to COVID, senior Sammy Harris wanted to ensure he didn't miss any games his final year of high school baseball. “I would like to go back so I can be in school again before I graduate, so I’m going to definitely go on campus again when the season ends,” Harris said. “But what keeps me going right now is knowing that I have a season.”

Screen season

writer: Shelby Perry, Staff Reporter
February 10, 2021
Goofy Grandpa \\ During one of the theatre's dress rehearsals, junior Robair Sedarous acts as Grandpa Gordon in the week before opening night. Later, he was quarantined on opening night and did not get to act in the musical for most of the showings. “Theater is important to me because that is my only time of day when I get to speak to my friends about something other than homework,” Sedarous said. “It's my free time during the day. It puts in a space of mine where I can forget about all my academic responsibilities for just a couple of hours.”

Quirky quarantine

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief
February 2, 2021
Sibling rivalry \\ My younger brother and sister bother me and the rest of the house as they banter over remote privileges and the last bit of cereal. While my parents painted the bickering as “ridiculous,” I had quite the contrasting opinion. Let them fight, it’s good for them.

Quarantine quarrels

writer: Shelby Perry, Staff Reporter
January 25, 2021
Cycle of learning

Cycle of learning

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief
January 19, 2021

Schools everywhere quarantine students

writer: Braydon Pyles, Staff Reporter
December 9, 2020
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