To mask or not to mask?

Wear mask even though the mandate is lifted


photo credit: Katie Borchetta

To mask or not to mask? \\ Requiring a mask has gotten more difficult now that Texas has lifted its mandate. There are people that choose to no longer wear a mask, while others feel it is still a precaution that is necessary. The main issue at hand is people are unaware of what rules certain areas have regarding masks. While this is confusing, people need to wear a mask, where it is still mandatory, rather than fighting it.

writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

With the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine decreasing the number of positive cases, Governor Greg Abbott issued the executive order that the mask mandate will be lifted March 10, as well as, allow businesses and public areas to reach 100% capacity again. Even though president Joe Biden and other governmental officials have expressed concern with this, and Biden himself stated it was a “big mistake,” Abbott continues to proceed with this order revealing “Businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to determine their own destiny.” 

With all these new rules, people should comply with them with the hope that soon masks will be hung up for good. ”

— Katie Borchetta, senior

While certain Texans celebrate the freedom of exposing their lower faces to the world again, others still feel that the precaution is necessary; however, the question is, can places still require a mask?

While some business owners feel safer with a “mask required” sign placed against their door, some owners fear that they could lose needed customers if they require masks, especially when there are certain people that are strong-minded who take full use of their new freedom.

Also, after last month’s snow storm, some businesses have still not recovered from the financial deficits due to frozen pipes and the loss of profit because of the temporary closure. These struggling businesses can not afford to lose the profit the “anti-mask” customers could bring in. The need to wear a mask really all depends on the owner of the establishment and it goes back to the federal anti-discrimination laws that businesses can “refuse service to any person for any reason, unless the business is discriminating against a protected class.”

Apart from businesses and community areas, schools are other spaces to raise questions about a mask requirement. With the school’s heavy population and students’ and staffs’ close proximity to each other throughout a school day, superintendent Dr. David Vinson released a statement March 3 that the mask mandate lifted order will not affect schools until further notice, so students and faculty are still required to mask up.

Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for our students and staff as we listen to health experts, our parents, and our community,” Dr. Vinson said.

A time when masks were required was a confusing and different time for everyone, and now that the government and health officials are starting to have more flexibility with them, people find themselves in the same confusing situation. The rule, as of right now, is masks are not required in public areas. Yet, schools and campuses still have the rule in effect, and businesses have a choice to demand them or not, but as of right now, many are taking the extra precaution to have customers wear them.

With all these new rules, people should comply with them with the hope that soon masks will be hung up for good.