Singing the blues

Choir students throw surprise retirement party for head director


photo credit: Addie Orr

A sweet introduction // At the concert, Head Choir Director Mrs. Terry Berrier tells the audience what’s in store for the Pop Mashup concert Jan. 23. This year is Mrs. Berrier’s last year of teaching.

When alumni come back, something’s happening.  That something was Head Choir Director Mrs. Terry Berrier’s surprise retirement party at the 2018 Choir Banquet May 11.

Choir students, choir boosters and Assistant Choir Director Mrs. Ashley Dame planned the surprise party back in April.

“We wanted to make her last year very special,” Mrs. Dame said, “she was so happy and so excited when it happened.”

Alumni came back from each year Mrs. Berrier taught in Wylie. 2014-2015 Choir Vice President Libby Villegas sang Mrs. Berrier’s favorite songs “God Bless America” and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”.

“Mrs. Berrier has inspired me to do music as a career,” Villegas said, “I do not know where I would be without her.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dame brought gifts for the occasion. A basket of “blessings” full of her favorite things, pictures and a “key to our hearts”

“It was the sweetest gift ever,” Mrs. Berrier said, “It gets harder to say goodbye as the year comes to an end.”

Mrs. Berrier’s last day is May 24, the last day of school. She will still attend the class of 2018 graduation May 26 where the choir will perform.

“We are so blessed to have Mrs. Berrier as part of our choir family,” Mrs. Dame said. “One of my phrases is ‘make the last thing you do the best thing you do… leave it on the stage’ and we did that for Mrs. Berrier.”