What ifs

Seniors choose their own superlative

Click through the photos to see what superlative these Raiders think they should be.

writer: Zoe Villegas, Staff Reporter

Most likely to succeed.

Best dressed.

Best Smile.

All are all examples of senior superlatives, a tradition in high schools across the country when senior classes only consisted of around 100-200 students, each person got their own ‘superlative.’ Nowadays, schools have up to 10 categories where the top three students nominated, both male and female, for that category go head to head to determine a winner.

Nominations took place just before spring break. The winners will be announced at the annual talent show March 29 in the auditorium.

It’s an honor to become nominated, but due to the small number of categories, not every senior has the chance of receiving one like they used to. So, what if you were to pick your own superlative? In honor of the upcoming superlative reveal, I asked seniors what superlative they would give themselves given the opportunity.