Lights; camera; splash

Art II Photography puts camera skills to test in exploding photo shoot 

photo credit John Avila
Making a splash \\ Dropping a water balloon, senior Emily Smalley saturates senior Sky Bese in Mrs. Gilpin’s fifth period Photography II class. Students practiced adjusting their shutter speed to stop the motion of the water mid-air Oct. 21. ”It’s fascinating. I've never done anything like it,'' senior McKenzie Riley said.

Andrea Ensign

writer Andrea Ensign and Kristen Jiang

Students in Mrs. Angela Gilpin’s Art II Photography class took out their cameras for the first time for a unique photoshoot— testing their ability to adjust shutter speeds, the subject of the class’s shoot was popping water balloons.

They started by photographing the balloons alone, and then transitioned into photographing students and teachers who volunteered to be in the “splash zone” and let the balloons pop right over their heads.

Through adjusting camera shutter speeds, students were able to capture an image of the balloons mid-splash, as if the moment were frozen in time. Students ended the day with hundreds of pictures of shocked victims and water droplets, as well as a lot more experience with cameras.