Radiant Royalty

Colorguard stands out with new look


photo credit: Maddie Smith

Showing off \\Freshman Aileen Khuu performs Conquered at half time during the homecoming game. The high standards of the colorguard have only improved their performances.

writer: Haley Ford, Staff Reporter

A late Friday night filled with rich colors and an eerie mood is interrupted by brash sounds and streaks of red. Ending with striking chords and drill, the Pride of the East finishes their award-winning show.

The turnover of the Pride of the East’s staff in 2017 and the success of the band inspired the colorguard to rebrand. The band directors, Greg Hayes and Kelsie Dunham, and colorguard director, Alex Fernandez, wanted to give the colorguard a sense of status in the student body. Along with the newfound title, the Royals were also given brand new white and gray windbreakers and glittering navy-blue uniforms with their embellished logo.With the standards higher than ever for the 2018-2019 Royals, the attire and title is only available for the best performers.

“It was and is really important to find people who are great musicians, very coordinated, and can dance well,” Ms. Dunham said.

The band and colorguard led a successful U.I.L. competition season by placing top three in all three competitions. Along with this success, the P.O.T.E. earned sweepstakes at U.I.L. Region 25 Marching Contest and US Bands Southwest Regional Championships. Colorguard won their own award at US Bands Oct. 20 for Best Colorguard.

“The colorguard has only improved and excelled in their work from previous years. I can’t wait to see what’ll be next,” senior and band equipment manager Justin Barrall said.

Colorguard began learning techniques and drill during the summer starting on July 23, almost a month before school had even started. The Royals rehearsed for a over three and a half months for the show Conquered. This dedication shows in the numerous awards earned by the colorguard.

“It feels good to see all of our hard work being paid off,” freshman and soloist Arianna Perez said.

See the winterguard perform their first competition at Frisco Centennial High School Jan. 18.