Long story short, he’s Jason Pierce


photo credit: Zac Pierce

Online life \\ Getting some work done April. 14, freshman Jason Pierce finishes his assignments for the day in the comfort of his own home. The recent pandemic is forcing students to participate in “online learning” in order to keep students safe and healthy.

writer: Avery Platt, Staff Reporter

He prefers French fries. He shuns the color yellow. He hates biology. His favorite sport is soccer. Long story short, he’s Jason Pierce. 

What are you doing during quarantine? 

I´m staying at home while either doing my school work or watching videos on my phone.

What is the worst thing about quarantine?

Not being able to see friends and socialize with others.

What does your day to day schedule look like?

I wake up, do my normal school day routine, and start my school work. After I’m done with school work, I watch videos or FaceTime, my friends.

How has your life changed or what are you doing differently? 

I can sleep in a little longer and not worry about being up for school early in the morning.

What are you most looking forward to when quarantine is over?

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, teachers and socialize with everyone.

What have you learned while in quarantine? 

I´ve learned that we all love school more than we think we do.

How do you think the pandemic will affect people and the world moving forward? 

I think that everyone will start washing their hands more often (hopefully) and there might be less pollution since everyone is staying inside. 

In a dash–

Favorite quarantine snack: Kettle Chips

Hardest online learning subject: Biology

Productive or Nah: Yes