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2017-2018 Staff

Lizzy Jurden

Editor in Chief

You probably think that Queen Elizabeth lives in England and drinks tea every afternoon, but in fact she lives in a small Texas town named after a lake and drinks Dr.Pepper. It’s me. My real name is actually Elizabeth but every...

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Luke Pendley

Sports Editor

Luke’s the name, sports is my game. You can put me with anyone and anywhere as long as a sports topic comes up, I’m there for hours. Anywhere from football to golf a conversation or debate about sports will go on forever, I’...

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Ashley Survillion

Advertising Editor

Whimsical, quiet and observant. I’m not sure those three words describe me entirely, considering the fact that almost every weird word in the Webster dictionary relates to me, but here you are, reading a short snippet of my l...

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Jamie Tourtillott

Photo Editor

Hey this is Jamie Tourtillott and welcome to my crib. I am a senior here at East and let me just give you a little tour of my four years here. Since my freshman year I was involved in the journalism program here. With that my firs...

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Cheyanne Voelker

Copy Editor

Hi, I’m Cheyanne. Although I am quiet most of the time, I am always talking a lot in my head. People tend to underestimate quiet people. No, I am not crazy…okay, maybe a little. But, I stay in the background to observe my...

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Kieron Hunter

Staff Reporter

I’m a 2x All-American in Track & Field so that makes me pretty legit. My name is Kieron Hunter. I’m in class of 2018 and I enjoy taking photos sometimes more than running. After high school I plan on minoring in journalis...

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Addie Orr

Staff Reporter

As a yearbook and newspaper staff member, Sapphire Sergeant, AP and Humanities student, and absolute fangirl, the words “free time” don’t exactly fit into my vocabulary. Throw two brothers (one, a junior, the other, a se...

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Zoe Villegas

Staff Reporter

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” Hey! My name is Zoe, and I’m the quietest person you will ever meet. I’ve been quiet since birth, literally. I would wake up in the middle of sleeping, but I wouldn’t cry. I would l...

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Maddie Smith

Staff Reporter

[Insert cute Tumblr quote here]. My name is Maddie Smith and my life goal is to be the sassiest person alive. My sass is expressed in my writing, (terrible) drawing, and current select-favorite TV character (Daenerys Targarye...

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Valeria Herrera

Staff Reporter

It’s Valeria. No not Valerie. Valeria.. *sighs* you know what just call me Val or Vale.. Now that we are on a first name basis let me fully introduce myself. I am part of the class of 2019 #junioryear. I like to see thin...

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Jazmine Garcia

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Jazmine but if we're close you probably don’t call me by my actual name, which is fine. I answer to jazmeyane, jazzy, jaz and occasionally Jazz band. If you think you don’t know me, you do. That strange girl w...

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Liz Harkins

Staff Reporter

Hi, I’m Liz, your friendly neighborhood mad-woman. I am constantly stressed, like you have NO idea. If there were such a thing as a “stress off”, I would win hands down. Having to constantly juggle band, AP classes, deadli...

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Eden Stegall

Staff Reporter

Well, as it says above, my name is Eden.  I am a fairly large introvert, who is more weird but not completely insane when I’m with my friends. I make various smart and sarcastic comments when I am with close friends. I...

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Frank Roach

Staff Reporter

Vertical videos should be illegal. Hi, I’m Frank, and according to my parents I spend way too much of my time in an office chair. I spend a majority of my time watching the food network even though I have zero idea how to cook. I...

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Valerie Msafiri

Staff Reporter

Since my last name is apparently hard to pronounce, you don't have to read it in your head when you read this beautifully constructed bio. HI :) I’m Valerie Msafiri (mm- sA- fi-ri) or Msafari or get the idea. ...

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