6 things to do during rain delay


photo credit: Maddie Smith

Strike One \\ Catching a pitch, freshman Sammy Harris positions himself in a wide stance to snag the baseball. He offers advice on what baseball players can do to pass the time during a rain delay.

My baseball team and I are sick of watching the rain fall. During rain delays, we aren’t allowed to have our phones out to pass the time; however, we have found some ways to entertain ourselves during rain delays…

1. Human Bowling

Arizona Diamondbacks and Clemson Tigers played human bowling during a rain delay. To do this, you will need nine people for pins, one person to be the player and one person to act like the ball. The player will pretend to ‘roll’ the person like a bowling ball as he forward rolls, like a toddler, towards the pins very slowly. When he hits the first pin, a chain reaction occurs. The other ‘pins’ fall as they are touched.  To make it funnier and more interesting, have one person that’s a pin stay up and create an intense moment by wobbling and teasing whether or not the player will get the strike. 

2. Jousting

Just like in the medieval days, jousting has not changed, unless you’re doing baseball jousting, then it needs a little modification. The same rules apply. Use a baseball bat as your lance. If the “lance” tip makes contact with your opponent, you win. Make it even more difficult, by having your jouster on a horse, aka another teammate’s shoulders, like a chicken fight. 

3. Dance Off

During a rain delay, have a dance off with your teammates. The Chicago Cubs’ and Milwaukee Brewers’ bullpens did a dance off on their pitcher’s mound. Each team would get a couple of guys to do a routine. Their routines could consist of the Cubs’ pitchers putting on a unicorn mask and jumping around. The Brewers made a human roller coaster by sitting in chairs. The person in the front would direct them, hands would go up, down, left, right as if they were on a roller coaster.           

4. Slip-N-Slide

Exactly like the 16-foot Slip N Slide you had as a kid, except this one is a 150×150 foot tarp that keeps rain off the field. The player can slide all 150 feet if he runs fast enough. Pitchers are not allowed to use the Slip N Slide because they may hurt their throwing arm. 

5. Limbo

How low can you go? You know how limbo works. Your bat is your limbo stick. Nuff said.  

6. Rodeo

The bull is one of your teammates and you get on his back. He tries to buck you off to see how long you can hold on before getting bucked off. The player grips on to his ‘bull’s’ jersey and and holds on for dear life.