Number 5 at Iowa

University of Iowa gives Eno Benjamin the same jersey number


photo credit: Maria Restrepo

High five \\ The University of Iowa promises to allow junior Eno Benjamin to keep his number five jersey.

writer: Nick Schiegg, Staff Writer

Running back Eno Benjamin gets number five for his jersey at University of Iowa. Eno has had number five since he came to high school.

The number is very special to him because of how long he used it. Number five has worked out well because he has been one of the top ranked running backs in the State. Benjamin received 36 offers from different colleges and chose Iowa.

“The main reason why I liked number five is hat I have had it since freshman year,” Benjamin said.

Iowa is known to be a tough college. Last year, Iowa’s football program was ranked in the top 25. Iowa is predicted to be the 13th ranked college in the nation. Last year they finished ninth in the nation at 12-2.

“I’m really excited that I get to go to a college that has been highly ranked and get to wear number five,” Benjamin said.