Victorious moment


photo credit: Jordan Smith

Shortstop steal \\ Waiting to run to third, sophomore Justin Smith keeps his eyes on the ball. With the score at 4-4 and the only one on base, Smith stole base on the next hit.

writer: Jordan Smith, journalism student

Varsity left fielder steals home plate

It was intense game against Sachse High School with the score at 4-4. Sophomore Justin Smith runs across home plate in the seventh inning, causing crowd to cheer for the varsity player’s successful steal Feb. 27.

“It was awesome to make the game’s winning point, which ended in 5-4, like Jacob did his senior [his older brother],” Smith said.

Junior Grayson Brower is batting while Smith anxiously awaits at third base. As the Sachse catcher misses the ball, resulting in a wild pitch, Brower yells at Smith to run.

“My energy level was very high and my heart was pumping so fast,” Smith said. “I just went for it.”

After Smith slid into the pitcher, near home plate, he gave the umpire a desperate glance to see if his steal was secured.

“As soon as I looked up and saw the umpire give the ‘SAFE’ sign, I was really excited because I made it,” Smith said.

Smith shot up as his teammates ran towards him, yelling ‘Attaboy Justin.’

“The whole team was jumping on top of me, trying to tackle me down, but once I saw the muscular frame of Jacob Padilla, I wanted to bolt away,” Smith said.

After the whole commotion, the team began to settle down, despite few words from the coaches. Varsity baseball also won the three day Wylie East Invitational tournament, which they hosted.

“We ate at Blake Seagrave’s house to celebrate our victorious win against Sachse High School,” Smith said.

Catch them in action at their next game March 4 at the Naaman Forest baseball field.