All in this together

photo credit: Luke Pendley
Getting past the goal line, senior Jared Wyatt scores a touchdown after catching a pass to take the 14-0 lead against the Red Oak Hawks. Varsity defeated Red Oak 49-7 at the season opener Aug. 28 at WISD stadium.

writer: Jessica Blakeley, Sports Editor

Organizations come together to support varsity football

Starting off the football season against the Red Oak Hawks, the varsity team ended the game with a win Aug. 28. Not only did the varsity team get the win, there were also new halftime performances from band, color guard and the Sapphires.

In the student section there was a debut of the new club Raider Revolution. Members sat up front in the stands to cheer on their team.

“Raider Revolution is a group of people devoted to spreading school spirit in and out of the halls of Wylie East,” junior Michael Turner said.

The band performed their new halftime show Dare to Dream, alongside the color guard.

“Half time performances give me something to look forward to in the game. I feel like everything we’ve been working for can be shown off to everyone,” senior Haleigh Nordmeyer said.

The Sapphires performed their new dance with a few familiar faces. This year all of the previous lieutenants from last school year returned to their positions with an addition of two new lieutenants, juniors Lexy Rel and Onyi Amadi.

“I know how and what to expect going into this year from being an officer last year,” Lieutenant Maddie Duvall said.

The football team, under the same command of quarterback senior Brayden Shewmake, always had a lead over Red Oak and finished the game with a 49-7 win.

“The game went as expected. There were a few mess ups in the game but the win made it overall a good game,” defensive end David Beddow said.