Petrifying Playlists

Students reveal what spooky songs are on their petrifying playlists

Halloween is a time for superstition, black magic and ghost busting. Although this Halloween may hold more masks than usual, every monster mash needs some thrilling beats that can put a spell on you; this is Halloween after all. What is your favorite Halloween song and why?

“I love Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky. It is an orchestral masterpiece and also scared me so much when I was younger,” Choir Director Ashley Dame said. “I remember it from the Disney movie “Fantasia.”

“I guess I didn’t know there was Halloween music. I cannot think of a single Halloween song,” English Teacher Kristy Raymond said.

“My favorite Halloween song is Monster Mash By Bobby Pickett because in all the halloween movies I watch it always features,”Freshmen Karis Craig said.“I think it is a fun and an upbeat song for all ages.”

“I like Thriller because it is such a good song to dance to around halloween,” Junior Jevon Harbert said.

Thriller, because the video with Micheal Jackson was so good,” Secretary Clara Ragsdale said. 

“My favorite song is Come Little Children by Erutan. It gives off an eerie vibe and it’s a good song to have in your head with all the mysterious music,” Sophomore Hayley Pack said. “If you also listen to it the person has a very good voice to go with the mysterious instrument and it can also help you with imagining what is happening during the song.”

“Thriller because when I was in preschool we did a dance to it and it was funny,” Senior Jessica Sadberry said.

“I guess I’d say Thriller by Micheal Jackson. It’s the only Halloween song I Have remembered since I was a kid,” Junior Ethan Knapp said. 

“I’d say my favorite halloween song is from The Nightmare Before ChristmasThis is Halloween,” Assistant Principal Adam Jacobson said.