Monstober darkness edges out Nickelodeon


photo credit Krystal Wooten

Frighteningly bad \\ Disney's and Nickelodeon's ghastly Halloween series let freshman Breanna Wooten down.

writer Breanna Wooten, journalism student

Well for starters both are horrendously bad–I don’t know if they changed something or if I just grew up, but I feel like Disney’s and Nickelodeon’s Halloween used to be so much better. Now they both play the same unoriginal and bland shows that are not even a true representation of the spooky season.

Disney Halloween shows play from Oct. 1-Oct. 31. During this time period, they always play the same 20 movies. They also give each program of that year a Halloween episode, by the way it’s never scary. I understand the channels are aimed at kids and are meant to be fun. I can’t even sit through one of their shows anymore without questioning who ever gave them the idea to take all the good shows off and replace them with ones that all have the same plot line. The episodes always occur like this: the protagonist has a problem with the antagonist, then fixes the problem in 120 minutes. Don’t even get me started on the Halloween episodes themselves (Sydney to the Max *cough*cough).

Nickelodeon shows play for the same time period, but get this, they don’t even really have movies. They may have one or two, none that are even worth remembering. Disney’s may be lackluster, but at least they give people a variety. Nickelodeon also makes Halloween episodes for all of that year’s series. Comparing the two, I believe both Disney and Nickelodeon need to fire somebody or get more creative story ideas because both are equally bad; neither of them can come up with a good story line. 

To be fair to both TV networks, the next generation is beyond weird and as I have noticed, all kids nowadays like these kinds of shows. It’s kind of sad though, that older kids don’t get to come home, jump onto the couch, and binge watch their favorite Monstober shows anymore.

Disney barely out frights Nickelodeon, but to be honest, Disney will always have a special place in my heart because of the classic reruns they play that remind me of coming home from a cold day and snuggling up to watch a Disney movie, they just need better story lines.