Let’s mullet over

Bad hairstyle should be avoided altogether

writer Katelyn Farris, journalism student contributor

In life, appearance is everything. Nicely dressed people present a positive outlook to others. However, poorly dressed people present a negative outlook to others. This same principle applies to one’s hair choice. Mullets are a perfect example of how men should not style their hair. This dual-personality hairstyle presents a feeling of laziness and uncleanliness.


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Intentionally cutting one’s hair, or styling one’s hair, into a mullet couldn’t be more humiliating for an individual, not to mention his family. This business-in-the-front-but-party-in-the-back hairstyle is sluggish and repulsive.

For a job interview, people must present the best of themselves. They must be well-groomed and well-dressed. (If they truly want the job, at least.) According to Live About, a classical haircut, short hair on the sides and back, will present possible employers with a better impression than that of the mullet, and other long-haired styles for men. In other words, if a man were to want a job so badly, he ought to do what it takes to make a good first impression, and hopefully keep it that way.

It is often supposed that cutting one’s hair in a mullet produces a sign of freedom, or “self expression.” Some say that the mullet is “cool” and dates as far back as the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Syria and Asia. However, this only proves that the ancient people had just as bad of taste as do the modern-day mullet wearers. The only thing the mullet expresses is a desperate need of a barber.

The only way to rid the world of this embarrassing “style” is to begin at the barber’s shop. (Although, not the one that first cut the original disappointment.) If you’re planning on impressing your date, you better run to the barber’s shop.

It is clear that mullets definitely are not the best choice of haircuts. Help and join the anti-mullet movement with a pair of scissors.