Super Bowl, super ads

Counting down top ten Super Bowl commercials


Review Ready// Watching the NFL commercial, this year’s group of commercials stood out as some of the best in years.

With patrons paying up to $5,000,000 for a 30 second ad (according to this article), commercials during the Super Bowl come with a hefty cost, and an equally hefty reward. As the most viewed television event in the nation, the commercials are almost as iconic as the game itself. These commercials range from tear-jerking to hilarity inducing. If you don’t feel something when watching any of the 10 best commercials on this countdown from Super Bowl LII, then you may not have a soul.

  1. Mercedes Benz

This surprisingly funny commercial made my family laugh out loud. Racers take their place, with the Mercedes Benz in the middle. With as good as a tagline as this ad has, what do you get? You get out of the way.

  1. Sprint

With a bizarre humor, this commercial proves that even artificial intelligence has a sense of humor. This weirdly entertaining commercial earned itself a spot on this list with its witty end scene and strange view on sentience.

  1. NFL

The NFL had a string of mildly amusing ads scattered throughout the big game, but they definitely ended with a bang. The final installment in this series of ads left me laughing as Odel Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning danced their hearts out.

  1. Jeep

This delightful homage to Jurassic Park showed off the off-roading capabilities of the Wrangler while amusing audiences everywhere.

  1. Jack in the Box

This call to arms of a commercial is a direct challenge to Martha Stewart that has the potential to launch a twitter feud for the ages with the hashtag jackvsmartha.

  1. The Voice

This weird, self aware commercial had me rolling on the floor laughing. It was bizarre, funny and ironic: the perfect combination for post half time hilarity.

  1. Bud Light

Continuing with the now iconic phrase, “Dilly Dilly,” the story of the Bud Knight and the quest to retrieve the Bud Light was hilarious. Delightfully scattered through the game, when these commercials came on, it was a delightful surprise.

  1. Mass Mutual Insurance

As the first commercial after pregame started, this tearjerker instantly launched me into wave of emotion. A meaningful tribute to the year, showcasing the humanitarian in all of us, it (briefly) restored my faith in humanity.

  1. The Winter Olympics

Another emotional hard hitter, all of the advertisements for the Winter Olympics told stories, and got me ready for the games. Each commercial was powerful, entertaining, and most of all, memorable.

  1. Tide

This absolutely genius ad idea was the highlight of the game. Hilarity was guaranteed to ensue when a seemingly ordinary ad was taken off the rails as a Tide ad. Already a joke in its own right, the internet took the joke and ran with it, turning the everyday into a Tide ad.

All of these ads (and more), were amazing, funny, emotional, and rightfully earn their own spot in the Super Bowl Hall of Fame.  Was it really worth the millions of dollars spent for a tiny time frame? Maybe not, but at least the companies managed to turn the mundane into a Tide ad.