The light that shines within

'Scars to Your Beautiful' inspires beauty beneath surface


photo credit Ashley Survillion

writer Sofia Zertuche, Journalism Student

Today’s society standards are filled with intangible images and false ideas of true beauty. As ideas evolve and distort, our perceptions do as well; and sometimes, not for the better.

Throughout the years, I’ve found myself comparing with runway models or “perfect” and “ideal” bodies. I would pinpoint every single flaw I could see, criticizing my deformed nose, my height, and even the size of my feet. I believed that “beauty is pain,” that I had to wax my eyebrows and legs to fit into this mold. Thanks to “Scars to your Beautiful” I realize now that  beauty goes beneath the surface, that my brains are what makes me who I am, not the number in the tag of my jeans or the color of my hair.

Alessia Cara sets the stage for an eye opening and breathtaking song advocating self-love starting with the description of a girl who wants to be beautiful; trying to mold herself into today’s standards. Starving herself to be like the “cover girls,”  and craving attention. But Cara wisely states that she doesn’t “see the light that’s shining deeper than the eyes can find it.”

Has the media, technological and medical advances made us blind?

Why can we not see the light that shines within?