Love thy neighbor, obey thy law

Kristin Gooch, Video Editor

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County clerk should be under fire for denying marriage licenses 

A Kentucky clerk was released from jail Sept. 8 for breaking federal law. Following “God’s authority” Kim Davis was jailed for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the Supreme Court ruling June 26. The ruling was decided after the Obergefell versus Hodges court ruling which thankfully overturned to allow same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states. Pride and prejudice?

A similar case happened in 1967 with a black woman and a white man in the Virginia versus Loving case. Their relationship was illegal for them during the time of horrendous segregation. Funny how history repeats itself.

Love doesn’t hold prejudice of color or gender, but Kim Davis does. County clerks swear under oath to abide by the law not their personal beliefs. Davis, a Christian, refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples. When she was placed under fire, she stopped issuing licenses altogether. Completely ignoring and breaking the law. Four gay and straight couples are suing her.  William Smith and James Yates attempted to apply five times this summer and after being together for 10 years were still refused the license. Davis’ reasoning?  Her call to God. The sanctity of marriage: yes, she knows all about the “sanctity” of one man and one woman after being married four times; twice to the same man. Who is calling the kettle black?

In hind sight, everyone should be entitled to their religious liberties. Land of the free. However, don’t occupy a government job if your personal beliefs hinder your job performance. I fully understand a religious leader having a right to deny a notion against their practice and way of life, but religious leaders are not serving the public. A county clerk who does work with the public must obey the law of the land.

Prejudice will always be around. It’s a sad and unfortunate fact of life. People should learn to accept, and be professional with matters such as marriage. Atheist couples marry. Marriage is a choice and union of family and love. Not every household is religion-centric and even then there are homosexual people who are very religious. It’s just a matter of who you are. Attacking each other over the most basic feeling of human love is sickening.

Every courthouse should serve and do right by its citizens and laws. Homosexual, heterosexual and interracial couples should be given every right to marry without hate. Kim Davis should learn to respect her country or be fired/jailed for her actions.



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