Time to talk about the ‘F’ word: Feminism

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Time to talk about the ‘F’ word: Feminism

Pretty potty-mouth princesses \\ A screenshot of the viral video,

Pretty potty-mouth princesses \\ A screenshot of the viral video, "F Bombs for Feminism" depicts children using profanity to illustrate unequal rights for women.

Pretty potty-mouth princesses \\ A screenshot of the viral video, "F Bombs for Feminism" depicts children using profanity to illustrate unequal rights for women.

Pretty potty-mouth princesses \\ A screenshot of the viral video, "F Bombs for Feminism" depicts children using profanity to illustrate unequal rights for women.

Kyleigh Anderson, Sports Editor

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F-Bombs for Feminism: Potty-Mouthed Princesses Use Bad Word for Good Cause” is the latest video gone viral. Little girls, ages 6 to 13 years old, are representing a company called FCKH8. It is a for profit t-shirt company based out of Ohio. The girls frequently drop the F-bomb in an attempt to get the point across that pay inequality and female objectification is out of control.

“What’s more offensive? A little girl saying ‘f***’ or the sexist way society treats girls and women?” states one of the 6-year-old girls. The children are dressed in princess costumes with wands and tiaras as little girls should be, but the things coming out of their mouths are not words associated with a princess or a young lady.

According to the outpouring responses to the video, little girls cursing is very offensive. Little girls, especially girls that are just entering elementary school, should not be speaking in this manner.

This company is exploiting these young girls. The viewers are seeing and watching this video making it go viral not for the fact that they got the message and want it to be shared, but because of the lack of ethics and shock value it has. The little girls use the following “colorful” statics in their video.

“Women make 23 percent less than men for the exact same f***ing work. I shouldn’t need a penis to get paid.”

“One out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man.”

“Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f***ing rape.”

These may be true, but the script given to these princesses is not necessary. It is vulgar, teaching these young ladies that cursing is okay and in order to get a point across they have to have an ill-mannered vocabulary. At the age of entering elementary school these students are absorbing a lot of new information. Learning this type of vocabulary, with a parent’s permission, is showing these girls it is okay to use this language. Usually, parents do not want their children speaking in this manner and when the girls use this language in the future the parents really can’t discipline their girls properly because they have been told it was okay. It is confusing to their young minds and skews the line between right and wrong.

On the other hand, these statistics are also shocking and should be changed. A scary point made in the video is there are five little girls, they count themselves off and say “which one of us will it be,” in response to their statistic that one out of five women is raped or sexually assaulted in their life.

Their point is a valid point and their movement is with good intentions, but the manner they chose to execute this point and to sell their t-shirts was inappropriate. In the end of the video they use grown women with t-shirts stating “This is what a feminist looks like” and “Girls just want to have fun–damental rights.” These statements placed on the shirts alone are witty and intelligent ways to catch the attention of someone.

In addition, words are what society makes them out to be. There is new lingo invented every day, new words, catch phrases or styles. Society has made the “F” word to be something big and known as inappropriate or offensive. Cursing is becoming less taboo and more common in everyone’s life. If society wants these words to stop and people to quit using them they must be the ones to stop it. Along with these statistics.

This company could of promoted their t-shirts in other ways instead of using young girls and vulgar language. FCKH8 could have still used the little girls as a marketing method, but done without the foul language. These statistics alone are shocking. Especially when stated by girls who will be, if not already, affected by it. The offense taken from little girls cursing in this video is a general consensus. In the future, FCKH8 should use fewer unrefined advertisements for their products. They should shed a positive light on their movements and products instead of vulgar actions or words. They could use their education of these events to present the shocking facts of the matter to catch society’s attention.

These parents and this company have the job of choosing different publicity tactics to spread the word for their cause and society also has a job. It starts with lowering these statistics.





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