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Written in Stone

Courtney Hersley, Contributor

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Actually written in blood, but just as permanent. And while it many seem like a good idea now, I can’t help but feel most teenagers will regret their inked decisions later in life.

I have several friends that are all saying they want tattoos, but when I tell them I would never get one they look at me in complete awe with questions such as, “how could you not want one?” and “Are you serious?”

Today it isn’t uncommon to see underage teens with tattoos that are not done by a professional. This decision is often made by teens who haven’t even made a decision on what college they are going to, so are they really ready to make the decision on what they want on their body for the rest of their lives?

My aunt once said, “I’ve never seen a tattoo make a person look better, but I’ve seen a lot make someone look worse.” That quote holds true to some of the tattoos that high school students have shown me.

For a short time I even considered getting one myself, but slowly yet surely my mind was changed. First it was “I’ll wait until I turn 18,” then it was “I’ll wait until I turn 21,” lastly it was “I’m never getting one.”

However, some have also made the decision to not get tattoos and have changed their minds. It often happens when a major change or life event occurs such as the death of a family member and other things that shake the world they thought they knew.

I am lucky to have not experienced these things in my life yet. But if by chance this does happen and I decide to get a tattoo, I will wait until I am of legal age and have it done by a professional artist.

I’m not quite sure why I had changed my mind in little under a month but I am definitely grateful I waited to make such a big decision to mark my skin.

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