Beautiful bodies

Kristin Gooch, Video Editor

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Body Modifications do not mean danger

In my eyes, your body is a canvas, waiting to be colored, dazzled and recreated. We only have one body, so if you want tattoos, get tattoos! Albeit, there is a small problem in the long run.

The work force.

The work force is a force of dull conformity, gray, straight tailored suits, black dress shoes, hair up in buns and buttons buttoned all the way up.

A blank, sad, canvas.

Corporate America looks at modified bodies as gross, untrustworthy and even dangerous.

I do, however, understand that there needs to be a sense of professionalism in the office.

Dear friends. That is why we have resumes, background checks and interviews. Tattoos certainly don’t mean a person is dangerous. It means, in most cases, the wearer appreciates art and sees his or her body as a canvas, to be colored and dazzled.

Wait, there’s more!

You can still have a great job, be professional and have body fashion.

Your brain is inside of you. Where your knowledge, love for art and everything that makes you, well, you lies.

Your body shows what lies inside.

The canvas in the work force doesn’t have to be blank.


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