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Avoid these five Halloween candies

Sophia Curiel and Cindy Moreno, Contributors

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One two, candy’s fun to chew.

Three four, kid’s knocking at your door.

Five six, better buy them Twix.

Seven eight, everyone’s stayin’ up late.

Nine ten, do it all again!

It’s time to stock up on Halloween candy. From chocolate sweets to sugary treats, what candies are most preferred to fill that trick or treat bag?

Choose wisely the treats you buy, so all the goblins and witches are satisfied.

Here are the top five worst “treats” to scratch off your list this year.

First off–the infamous non-name brand chocolate coin. It seems as if any chocolate completely covered in foil is a disaster. What kind of chocolate is it anyways? I’m not sure the kids will ever know.

In fourth place is Good & Plenty. These medicine-looking candies with a black licorice taste must have been created by the elderly. “Mmm black licorice!” said no kid ever.

Tootsie Rolls falls into the third worst candy you can receive. It is not possible to chew one without getting it all stuck to your teeth, and don’t forget the strenuous jaw movement that results in an aching mouth.

The second worst is anything edible that isn’t candy. Raisins, fruit snacks and granola bars for instance. I think the saying goes, “Give me something good to eat” not “Give me something healthy to eat.”

The absolute worst item a trick or treater can receive is anything that isn’t edible at all. Pencils, stickers, papers, tooth brushes and bouncy balls, really? These go straight to the garbage.

So to avoid a nasty trick, keep these items out of your  Halloween bowl on Oct. 31.

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Avoid these five Halloween candies