Taking care of business 

Students are essential workers


photo credit Baylee Hatch

Safety first \\ Senior Baylee Hatch works for an essential business. She is risking her own health to serve others; however, her employer is taking extra safety precautions to keep their workers safe.

writer Emily Smalley, journalism student

Coronavirus has forced U.S. citizens into isolation for fear of getting sick; however, it’s not stopping upperclassmen whose jobs are considered “essential.”

These students risk getting exposed so people can have their favorite morning coffee or take-out meal during this epidemic. 

Food industries are thriving; but many wonder how they keep their employees safe during this time of uncertainty.

“We routinely wash our hands and cleans surfaces every 30 minutes,” senior and Starbucks Barista Madeline Kendama said

Despite warnings that it spreads easily with close interactions, students are putting their worries aside for others’ needs and wants. 

“I’m scared a little, but I feel safe knowing my work is doing everything they can to keep me and my coworkers safe,” senior and Chick-fil-A employee Baylee Hatch said.