Acing the ASVAB


photo credit Andrea Ensign

Work work work \\ Sophomore Hanna Harmon uses the library in preparation for the ASVAB test Wednesday, Sept. 25.

writer Andrea Ensign, Staff Reporter

The uncertainty of the future is a thought that clouds their minds for the entirety of high school. No matter how hard they try to push it to the back of their head, the question of profession choice is always apparent. Parents pester students over college applications, teachers push students to write college essays, and career prep classes encourage students to explore potential jobs.

“It’s really frustrating having to pick classes and talk about college when you don’t even know what you want to do,” sophomore Hanna Harmon said.

ASVAB is an aptitude assessment that tests the taker’s knowledge on subjects such as reading comprehension, mathematics, arithmetic reasoning, and more. 

For those interested in enlisting in the military, the test is used for recruiters to gauge which military jobs a particular recruit should be assigned to.  The test also military occupations in order to juxtapose every available option for enlistees.

However, the ASVAB test is not restricted to those enlisting in the military. The test is designed to gauge strengths, weaknesses and potential for future success. The information provided identifies students’ skills and interests, helping them to decide on colleges to attend or careers to pursue.

“The ASVAB test is incredibly helpful for students who are unsure of their career path,” counselor Mrs. Combest said.

ASVAB will be administered in the library Wednesday, Sept. 25 and the deadline to register is Sept. 20. Students can sign up for the test in the counselor’s office, free of cost.