Preparing for PSAT

All 9th-11th grade students will take the PSAT Wednesday

photo credit Addie Orr
Pensive prepper // Listening to Mr. Jeff Hattaway explain the answers to a practice test, junior Jaron Harbison participates in a PSAT and National Merit Scholarship prep class during Power Hour Sept. 19. The students selected for the class earned the top 30 scores on last year’s PSAT. All ninth through 11th grade students will take the PSAT Oct. 10.

writer Melissa Wrobel, Staff Reporter

Mark your calendars: The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, PSAT, will be administered to all WISD freshmen, sophomores and juniors Oct. 10. Whip out those study guides, graphing calculators, waters and snacks.

“Wylie ISD believes the PSAT helps prepare students for the SAT College Admission Exam and will help students qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Awards in their senior year,” Williams said.

A limited number of calculators will be available for upperclassmen.

“We will not have enough graphing calculators for everyone to have a personal one,” Principal Mike Williams said. “We encourage students to bring an approved calculator from the attached list.”

Cell phones will be taken up at the beginning of the test and not returned until every student in the building is done testing.

“Just a reminder that cell phones are not allowed during any testing situation,” Testing Coordinator Mrs. Lisa Lee said.

After the PSAT, parents do not need to sign their student out because school will continue once the test is over. Students will attend Power Hour and remain on the normal school schedule that afternoon. However, seniors do not need to attend school for the entire day.

Students will pre-code their answer documents in their English classes. It is important that they know their home addresses, phone numbers, and school ID numbers.