What you don’t know about Principal Williams


photo credit Addie Orr

Mr. Williams opens up about what he does outside of the school hallways

writer Jayme Bailey, journalism student

1. I wish I could sing, play guitar, and dance. I have the white boy curse: no rhythm.

2. I have memorized a lot of songs: Take it Easy by the Eagles, One of These Nights by the Eagles and any George Strait song.

3. Growing up I had a couple of dogs. Two German Shepherds named ‘Butch’ and ‘Mr.’

4. Instead of using a leaf blower, I like the old-fashioned way of sweeping them up.

5. My favorite thing to do with family is go to Disney World. We’ve been there over 100 times.

6. The most interesting place I’ve been is New York City. I’ve done some mission work there. It’s interesting seeing all of the different cultures and types of people.

7. I am almost OCD. Things always have to be in their place and my socks have to match my pants and shirt.

8. I hope real country music comes back, instead of the fake pop/country music.

9. My least favorite food is Mediterranean food, I love Mexican food.

10. I will never again tell my wife that my mom cooked a certain dish better than she. I learned that lesson 30 years ago.

11. I am proud of being the Trivia Pursuit champion of my family.”

12. If I had to change my name I would change it to Reagan.

13. One irrational fear I have is having to always check that all the doors in my house are locked.

14. If I could be any superhero, it would be Superman because I want to be able to fly and have X-ray vision.

15. If I could spend the day with any celebrity, it would be George Strait, because I know most of his songs front and back.

16. I have played many sports in my life such as, football, baseball, track, golf, basketball and tennis. As a student, basketball was always my favorite; but now, my favorite is golf.

17. I am a good ping-pong player. Every summer at camp, I won the ping pong tournament. Also, I am a gardener. I love flowers.