Sapphires level up at spring show

photo credit: Haleigh King
Strike a pose \\ The Sapphire officers end their pom performance with a pose.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

The Sapphires performed their spring show, Gamers Paradise, May 1-2 in the auditorium. From fathers to mothers and junior jewels to studs, the stage was filled with various dances from a variety of performers.

Keeping with their video game theme, the entire drill team opened the show with their Legend of Zelda inspired dance.

“It’s really stressful learning all the dances,” sophomore Madi Williams said. “I was in 14 different dances, but all the hard work and stress is worth it at the end of the show.”

Next year’s cheerleading squad followed with a guest performance.

I was in 14 different dances, but all the hard work and stress is worth it at the end of the show.”

— Madi Williams, sophomore

Every year, girls invite their fathers to grace the stage with them. This year they danced a Mario and Luigi duet. The girls were decked out in red tutus while their dads wore green button ups as they danced around their dads.

“I loved dancing with my dad because he taught me everything I know,” junior Maddie Duval said. “It was a great bonding experience.”

Sapphires invited male students to dance in the Stud dance choreographed by Duval.

“I finally found my true passion,” senior Matt Anderson said. “Dancing in front of everyone on stage was so much fun and I am so happy I was able to do that for the Sapphires.”

Mothers of the Sapphires performed a glow in the dark dance choreographed by Sapphires Bootbacker Board President Vickie Jones, Lieutenant Maddie Jones’ mother. Moms danced in the dark illuminated by glow sticks.

“All the moms were happy that it was a glow-in-the-dark performance, so no one could tell who was who if we messed up!” Dawn Redig, senior Samantha Redig’s mother, said. “I’m always nervous to dance in the Spring Show, but I promised Sam I would do it for her, since it would be her last show. It was a blast practicing and laughing with all the moms.”

Popdanthology was a compilation of popular songs from 2014 and crowd a favorite.

The night culminated with another dance by the entire drill team dressed in their blue and silver sequined outfits. The routine showcased the seniors.

“I thought the show was phenomenal from the dancing to the lighting to the emcees,” drill team director Brittany Miller said. “Every student involved was extremely professional, and they all worked together to achieve an exceptional program!  I couldn’t be prouder or more impressed!”