Yearbook staff abuses privilege for story coverage


Students are asking dates to homecoming in unique ways. Junior Jorge Zavala asks junior Jennifer Romero during her English III class.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

She said yes! Balloons, roses and chocolate, yearbook staffer Jorge Zavala asked junior Jennifer Romero to accompany him to homecoming during her English class today with an armful of gifts to help sway her decision.

“I have had a crush on her for a really long time,” Zavala said.

The Yearbook staff is advised to never abuse its yearbook privileges; however, Yearbook Adviser Casi Thedford allows a classroom disruption when it makes a great story.

Yearbook photographer Camila Garcia knocked on Mr. Hazelwood’s door and requested Jennifer for a yearbook interview. When she walked into the hallway she saw Zavala bearing gifts. He then asked her to be his homecoming date.

She giggled and said yes.

“She’s BAE, before anyone else,” Zavala said.

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