writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

Some students like year-round school because they like to work and learn new things; however, most of the student body at many schools would agree that year-round school sounds draining, busy and overall, overwhelming. 

Having year-round school makes it so teens cannot have summer jobs to earn money to have fun, spend, or save up for the future. Some students help provide for their families, and their summer job could be the primary source of income for their families. When the school year only allows them to get a four-week summer, they can’t go out looking for jobs because they don’t have the entire summer off; kids in sports and clubs especially don’t have that freedom when the school year comes back around. 

Not only does it affect that kid, but year-round school can affect a whole family in need. Some families struggle to get their children to school during the school year, and summer allows them to rest and take a break from that stress. It’s easier to have the same schedule for all the kids, so it’s more accessible for the parents to work around the gaps. But starting school so early causes stress and anxiety.

While some people like all the extended breaks over the year, it is not that great. Schools that don’t do year-round school also get breaks that might not be as long but are still plenty of time for a brain break. While schools that run classes year-round only get an extra week or half a week, which isn’t worth it considering that those schools go back to school weeks or even months before other schools do. 

As it affects the students, it also affects the teachers significantly, like how they work five days a week for almost a full day. Sometimes the summer is the only time they get to see their families and other relatives. Doing year-round school takes those opportunities away from them and ultimately isn’t worth it. And most teachers take other short-term jobs as another way of income on top of the teacher salary, and when there is only time for them to take one job as a teacher, it affects how they live.