Cons of lurking

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

Scrolling through people’s Instagram accounts, checking people’s snap scores constantly, and stalking random strangers, TikToks are thrilling and fun, but can also be dangerous and unsafe. 


#1 It can be unsafe in return

It may be fun to learn about what is going on in other people’s lives with just a click of a button, but there are some dangers that come along with lurking online. Having everything you do in the public eye can be an unsafe place sometimes. On Snapchat there is a setting where you can turn a map on to show where you are at that very instant. If you aren’t careful with who you add on Snapchat, it allows some pretty sketchy people to find you. 


#2 It can ruin relationships

I personally love to “investigate” or “lurk” around on the internet for good information, but I also have to be careful where I look because finding out someone’s true colors on the internet can ruin friendships and relationships. People will post everything that they are doing on social media, so you may be casually scrolling through Instagram looking into people’s accounts when all the sudden you see your three best friends hanging out without you. It may be fun, but can also lead to some heartbreak.


#3 It can lead to being obsessive

Lurking through someone’s social media is all fun and games until you can’t stop doing it. I have found myself constantly looking at people’s accounts on a daily basis. It can become an obsession when you spend hours upon hours scrolling through someone’s private account which can lead to being stalker-ish.