Dream Team

Newspaper Staff of 2022-23


Top row: Morgan Gore, Jaylee Paredes, and Maggie Volpi Bottom Row: Gloria Olajimi and Hannah Hansen

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief


Hello, everyone! I’m Hannah, this year’s Editor-in-Chief. I am a senior, which is both exhilarating and absolutely terrifying. Outside of newspaper, I am Secretary of National Honor Society, I am the student lead for Wylie Math Tutoring, and I volunteer frequently. Whenever I do manage to have free time, I love reading any and all books, writing short stories, listening to 80s rock, singing along to musicals, and binging whatever show I’m currently obsessed with. This year, I hope to help our staff reach their potential and stretch our horizons as a newspaper. I hope we’ll have a great year!

Copy Editor

Hi there! Yeah, you!

My name is Gloria Olajimi, and this is my sad attempt at a cute profile bio! I’m a junior, this is my second year on staff and my first year as Blue Print’s copy editor. I’m a flute player for the Pride of the East band, but I also enjoy playing the ukulele. I love Nigerian food, skateboarding, and Studio Ghibli movies. I’m pretty decent with a pen but not so much with a camera. That’s really all there is to know about me, I’m only a writer, after all. The interesting, exciting part comes from your stories! I’m beyond excited to spend another year exploring and sharing the stories around the school! 


Jaylee Paredes, Senior

Hi!!! I’m Jaylee Paredes and this is my third year on the newspaper staff. I’m also involved in other organizations such as color guard, College Club, TAFE, and Diversity Club. I really enjoy listening to music, taking pictures and being around my friends. I’m looking forward to being able to expand my writing and photography skills this year through the website!



Morgan Gore, Junior


Heyyyyyy!!!!! My name is Morgan Gore and this is my 3rd year on the newspaper staff. I like to hang out with friends, play board games with my family, and eat whataburger. I spend most of my time either with friends or serving at my church. Over the summer I swam a lot and did a lot of church camps and it was a blast. As much as I love summer my favorite season is definitely winter because I love the cold and snow even though we don’t get much in texas. I am so excited so see all that our school does this year and can’t wait to be on staff again this year!


Maggie Volpi, Sophomore

Hello! I’m Maggie, and this year I’m a staffer for BluePrint. Last year I was in the intro to journalism class so you might’ve seen a few of my stories on BluePrint, but this year I’m thrilled to be an official part of the team! Some of my favorite things include oversized sweaters, coffee ice cream, and rainy weather. I also play the flute and have a passion for writing. If you see me in the hallway and I look angry/upset, I promise that’s just my resting face and that I’m actually pretty friendly, so don’t be afraid to say hi!