Buzz word

WISD amps up security with new buzz in system


photo credit: Valerie Msafiri

Buzz kill // Secretary Mrs. Tracey Archibald buzzes in a student from the front office. The new buzz in system was put in place at all WISD school campuses.

writer: Addie Orr, Editor in Chief

New security buzz-in systems were recently added to the school’s front doors. These new systems, which are being placed in every WISD school, come as a response to Governor Greg Abbott’s School and Firearm Safety Action Plan.

“With all the shootings in schools, churches, malls and nightclubs, we have to harden the perimeter of the school to prevent unwanted people from entering the building,” principal Mr. Mike Williams said.

The new system requires all visitors to push a labeled button on the intercom while standing in front of the camera. A response from the front office will ask visitors who they are, their reason for visiting and to present an ID. This ID can be a driver’s license, Wylie ISD badge, student ID, Wylie ISD pre-check ID or any other government issued identification.

The door will then be unlocked by the front office for visitors to enter, one at a time. From there, visitors must go to the front office to receive their sticker badge.

For students, all exterior doors will be unlocked from 8:30-9:20 a.m. After that, students will only be able to enter the school from the front and back cafeteria doors, which are constantly monitored by faculty, checking for ID badges to prevent anyone who is not a student or teacher from entering.

“Because only two doors are open most of the day, that funnels most of the people through those two doors, somebody is watching them anytime they are in the building,” Mr. Williams said.

Though faculty is always on the lookout, students need to be wary as well. Saying something if you see anything suspicious just might save lives.

“Students and staff need to be vigilant about reporting someone who may be here who doesn’t belong,” Mr. Williams said. “They need to tell someone or better yet, escort that person to the office.”