Long story short, she’s Campbell Andrews


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Battle Cry \\ Leading the crowd in a chant, sophomore Campbell Andrews shows her school spirit at the Gold Out pep rally Sept. 6. This is Andrews’ first year on varsity cheer. “I’ve grown so much as a person being on varsity,” Andrews said.

She’s been cheering since she was a little girl. She adores her friends, movies and family. Long story short, she’s Campbell Andrews.

How long have you been cheering?

I cheered at Burnett for a year, then I took a break. But I’ve always taken tumbling class since I was very young. 

Where have you cheered?

I cheered at Burnett and Wylie East.  

When did you start cheering at school?

I started cheering my sophomore year. 

What team are you on for school?


How did it feel to make it to finals for school cheer?

It felt really amazing and everyone was so excited. We worked so hard to get to that point and seeing everyone so excited paid off so much. 

How did the team react?

When they were announcing who made finals, we were all holding hands and hoping, and when they called our names we were all screaming and hugging and just so excited. 

Are you going to continue to cheer at school?


How does cheer make you feel?

It makes me feel excited and it gets my adrenaline going. 

How does it feel to be on varsity?

Being on Varsity was intimidating at first, but it’s been an amazing growing experience for me from the coaches and all of the girls.

In a Dash–

Favorite movie to cry to: Dolphin Tale

Favorite guilty food: Great American Cookie Cakes

Favorite song to get hyped too : Any 2000s song

Dream job: A nurse or a dermatologist 

Favorite season: Summer for sure

Favorite show: This Is Us