Three freshmen on varsity volleyball


photo credit: Cali Scott

On cloud 9 \\ Playing in the varsity volleyball game, freshman Amy Hernandez and the team celebrate her kill against JJ Pearce Aug. 17. “I like playing with the girls on varsity. That’s where I feel the best fit,” Hernandez said. Varsity won 3-0.

writer: Cali Scott, Staff Reporter

The crowd cheers the team on at the volleyball game. 

On the court with upperclassmen, are freshmen Julia Hicks, Amy Hernandez and Erika Hernandez. Even though it is only their first year on the varsity volleyball team, these freshmen are a huge part of the team’s success. 

All three girls have played volleyball for four years, and they were also on their middle school team. 

“I play for Excel and my positions are outside and DS,” Hicks said. “I’ve always liked it because it is at a high level.”

They are very competitive and always work hard. They also bring a lot of excitement to the team.”

— Coach Curry

Athletes do not typically make varsity until their junior or senior year, especially if they do not play volleyball outside of school, so it is not common to have many freshmen on the team. 

“I knew we had some really good players coming up,” Volleyball Coach Lisa Curry said. “The most freshmen that we have ever had on varsity is two, so this is more than we have ever had.”

Freshmen usually feel distant from the rest of the team because they are the rookies; however, all three freshmen love the other girls on the team, and they feel like a part of the team. 

“The girls are so nice,” Amy said. “I like playing with them, and I feel the best fit on varsity.” 

Along with fitting in with the team, Coach Curry says the girls bring beneficial qualities to the team. 

“They are very competitive and always work hard,” Coach Curry said. “They also bring a lot of excitement to the team.”

Hopes are high for the volleyball team because of the addition to the valuable players the team already has. 

Their games are every Tuesday and Friday. Tickets are for sale here.

“I’m looking forward to this season,” Erika said. “I want to be district champs.”