Junior Year


photo credit: Morg

Raider Research // Working hard, junior Alexis Babb starts to work on her physics work on Sep. 26th. “I love physics. I thought I wasn’t going to because of other people in past grades, but I do,” Babb said.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

From new privileges and harder classes to late nights and studying, junior year is known for being one of the hardest years of high school. But what will our fellow students think?

Carson Garcia, a soccer player, Alexis Babb, a varsity cheerleader, and Mawa Hassen, a student, share their opinions on junior year so far. 

Starting a new school year means new changes.

“This year my classes have been a lot more challenging than I was expecting,” Garcia said. 

Listening to fellow students is a must when going back to school.

“A lot of people told me that there was going to be a lot more work, and I need to manage my time in order to pass the classes,” Babb said. 

Junior year can be stressful, but it can also be fun.

“So far this year has been filled with lots of work but Iv’e enjoyed it more because I have friends in my classes so it makes it so much better,” Hassen said.

Using new privileges as an upperclassmen can be one of many new advantages.

“My favorite new thing that I get to experience is that I get to go off campus for lunch and eat with my friends,” Babb said.

Advice goes a long way when going into a new grade. 

“A lot of my upperclassmen friends told me to make sure I manage my time wisely so I don’t get caught up in my work,” Garcia said.

While it has been stress free so far change is coming soon. 

“It’s been a fun year so far because we are at the beginning of it, but I know that soon, it’s going to get very stressful, very fast,” Hassen said.