Teaching aid

Students with COVID-19, the coronavirus, need help from teachers


photo credit: Aubree Gallick

House arrest \\ Stuck at home in quarantine, junior Aubree Gallick completes her school work from her bedroom.

writer: Cali Scott, Staff Reporter

Due to the fast spreading Omicron variant, COVID-19, the coronavirus cases are higher than they have ever been. Seven hundred ninety-five students and teachers in Wylie ISD have positive cases, and 95 students and teachers from the school currently have COVID Jan. 25. 

Obviously, the students and employees have to find a way to work from home and get their assignments done. Even without being sick and at home, school is difficult and stressful, so the students at home are struggling to figure out ways to stay as caught up as possible. 

As someone who has had to work from home due to COVID, it is very frustrating when teachers are not communicating with the students. Some teachers do not reply to emails, post daily assignments or notes in Google Classroom, or do anything to help their students stuck at home. Those students have to find new, more difficult ways to get notes and assignments done. Most students get notes and information from friends or through remote conferencing, but it is not the same as hearing the information directly from the teacher. Other students end up not doing any of their work. They do not have the motivation to get the work and information the teachers did not post or send to them. 

However, it is understandable that the teachers have multiple other responsibilities they have to deal with. Teachers have to get absent kids caught up, help students in tutoring, and other daily tasks like teaching classes and grading assignments. Still, it is the teachers’ responsibility to help their students as much as they can. The students should not suffer because they are sick and cannot be at school. No, the teachers cannot give their students every single bit of information and work, but the teachers should try their best to help the students if they are putting in effort to get their work done.