Spiderman: No Way Home brought it home


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Web your way to theatres \\ Spiderman: No Way Home came out Dec. 17, 2021. It is the third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie, and it is by far my favorite Spider-Man movie.

writer: Cali Scott, Staff Reporter

As your friendly neighborhood writer, I strongly encourage everyone to go watch Spiderman: No Way Home. Spiderman fan or not, this movie will have you sticking to the edge of your seat.

Starring Tom Holland as “Spiderman”, Zendaya as “MJ”, and Benedict Cumberbatch as “Doctor Stephen Strange”, Spiderman No Way Home takes place in New York as Peter Parker tries to find a solution to make his identity as Spiderman a secret again after being revealed by Mysterio in the previous film. 

Spiderman: No Way Home has broken box office records all over the world. According to CNBC and Forbes, not only was Spiderman: No Way Home the first movie to surpass $1 billion in the global box office since COVID, but it has recently swung into the top 10 highest earning films ever. In addition, it received a rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes which is the highest out of all of the live action Spiderman films. 

I was not expecting any of the previous Spidermen to show up, but it made the movie so much more amusing. ”

— Cali Scott

Even if some people don’t enjoy the Tom Holland Spiderman movies as much as the originals, No Way Home appealed to all Spiderman fans. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the actors from the previous Spiderman movies, were featured and the villains from the other movies were featured as well. The actors added entertainment value, and expanded the audience to previous Spiderman fans. The creative aspect of bringing all of the villains to fight the three Spidermen was very shocking. I was not expecting any of the previous Spidermen to show up, but it made the movie so much more amusing. 

No Way Home is easily my favorite Spiderman movie, and it is one of my favorite Marvel movies. I was engaged through the whole movie, and I never got bored at any point. However, after having some time to process the movie, some things didn’t make total sense. Seeing the movie more than once is necessary to totally understand the movie which explains how box office numbers were so high. In addition, there were definitely plot holes and unanswered questions. How were dead villains brought back to life? How did Ned open a portal with no training? How come Doctor Strange has never opened a portal to the multiverse before? Etc… Even with these unanswered questions and plot holes, my spidey senses tell me No Way Home is without a doubt a movie everyone would enjoy. 

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