Tired of weighting

Female athletes deal with sexism


photo credit: Katie Borchetta

Raise the bar \\ Girl athletes at this school work out hard in the weightroom and can complete all types of workouts. While seen as inferior, female athletes work just as hard as males do, and should be treated as such.

writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

Since the dawn of time, men have put themselves above women. While men hunted the prey, the main course, women were pushed aside to collect berries. By the 1920s men were the hard workers and members of society as women were subservient to men and forced into a housewife lifestyle. And now, the NCAA March Madness tournament shows patriarchy and male dominance in society once again. 

The NCAA tournaments taking place throughout the month of March is a college basketball tournament for both male and female teams. To be ready to play, teams must practice and workout in facilities provided by the tournament holders. However, female basketball teams are fed up when seeing the difference in their weight room facilities versus their male counterparts.

All girls teams have excelled in their seasons and have made it to playoffs. The boys, on the other hand, have not been as successful.

— Katie Borchetta, staff reporter

Female teams were only provided with dumbbells and yoga mats. Any competitive athlete knows that is simply not enough. The discrimination and disrespect faced by women’s teams were expressed strongly on social media. Sponsors of the tournament have tried to fix their mistake by giving them more equipment, but, the mistake is not the fact that they barely gave them any equipment, it’s the fact that men in today’s society still see females as inferior and incapable of most of the things men can do. Now, this is simply not the case. 

Girls teams can practice and workout just as hard as guys. In fact, the female students at this school complete tough workouts everyday. The truth is that girls feel like they have to put in more effort when working out because they are typically seen as weaker.

Girls teams such as powerlifting, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, well, pretty much all of them, use the many types of equipment found in the school’s weight room. Well, as much as they can. Even in the high school setting, there are still female injustices taking place.

The massive weight room in the field house is a great facility with lots of equipment; however, female athletes have noticed that it is primarily reserved for boys teams, such as baseball, boys soccer and football. 

It is quite apparent in this school that male sports are still prioritized over females, even when the female teams have better records. Last year and this current school year, all girls teams have excelled in their seasons and have made it to playoffs. The boys, on the other hand, have not been as successful. 

Even with the athletic girl student body, men are still idolized and treated as superior, due to their genetics.

Not saying, students shouldn’t congratulate guys teams on their achievement or stop attending their sporting events, but it would be nice if girls teams were given the same attention, if not more right now, due to their outstanding records. While being an athlete is already difficult, being a female athlete is even more difficult.