Big chain discount store makes huge mistake

Walmart going exclusively self check-out lost this customer


photo credit: Casi Thedford

On the job \\ Walmart is getting rid of their checkers. I don’t want to check myself out! I don’t work here. Bring your checkers back.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

Walmart, you done gone and messed up!

I did not get a college degree to bag my own groceries.

I go to Walmart when I need to buy a basket full of items.

Bring the checkers back. I only like to check myself out in the mirror!”

— Mrs. Casi Thedford, teacher, not checker

Had I not entered through the garden area, I might had noticed your new “self-check only” and turned and walked out before loading my cart to the brim.

Not a single Walmart employee was available to check customers out. I broke a sweat doing it all by myself.

Just last night, my 84-year-old grandmother told me about how her Walmart in West Texas had gone completely checkerless. She told me how her friend of the same age does not know how to bag groceries properly. Upon carrying them in her house, her bags busted and she tripped and hurt herself trying to carry her poorly-bagged groceries into her house all because Walmart decided to do away with their checkers. How do the elderly and disabled check out? The Walmart in Lucas,Texas, did not have a single lane open for an employee to check anyone out on Friday, March 19. I want my friendly faces back. I enjoy visiting with my students who work there.

Walmart, I suppose you chose to go to solely self check outs in order to save a few bucks; however I would be willing to bet that the amount of money you lose on sales from loss of dissatisfied customers like myself fails in comparison to any amount you expect to save. How many of your loyal employees have these self-checkout machines put out of a job?

Bring the checkers back! I only like to check myself out in the mirror!