Making learning fun


photo credit: Hope Altobelli

Having fun, Junior Ava Wesley is getting the tinsel ready to put in her hair. “I love how I got to do multiple exciting assignments and things I have never done before,” Wesley said.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

From making slime to cookie dough or from wrapping a present to putting tinsel in hair, the IPET teaching students have been having lots of fun in their class.

For a graded assignment, the students could create a step-by-step instruction project and then teach their class how to do it. Juniors Makenna Gore, Ava Wesley and Lauren Hall are some students who participated in the assignment. 

“This activity was a great way to get hands-on experience on how to write a lesson so that when we are teachers, we will already know the steps to do it,” Gore said.

Being familiar with what you are teaching can be easier.

 “I did how to throw a softball. I am in softball, so it was appropriate for me to do something I already know how to do,” Hall said. 

Difficulty can arise when doing something complex and not very well known..

“The most challenging part was having enough time to finish it. Because sewing takes a while, I only had about 30 minutes to complete it,” Wesley said. 

Having the opportunity do learn things from friends and peers is a exciting learning experience. 

My favorite project that was taught was the lesson Kerbie Cash led, which was how to make cookie dough.She did very well on the lesson and we got to eat it when we were done,” Gore said. 

Learning how to teach better is what the class is all about.

“It helped me talk in front of a crowd because I was teaching something that wasn’t about school; it was very opposite,” Hall said.

Doing something more complex and difficult can be more fun.

“I taught my group how to sew, which I thought was a fun idea because many people have never done it before,” Wesley said.