Pep rally spirit


photo credit: Tori Thedford

School spirit \\ Senior Everett Vasquez sings the senior chant with his grade at the pep rally Feb. 25 “I love hosting the pep rallies. I find it so enjoyable, but next time, I hope I can remember the words to the senior chant,” Vasquez said.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

The spring pep rally took place in the newly built Williams Center Feb. 25. From laughing to yelling, the excitement filled the air as various sports teams were announced along with the senior superlative winners.

Senior Everett Vasquez is the announcer at the pep rallies this school year.

“I like getting to be loud and being a loud person is fun,” Vasquez said.

Sophomore Ellie Eason is one of the many Sapphires that performed in the pep rally.

“I enjoy dancing in the pep rally because I like showing the school the dances we have worked so hard on this year,” Eason said.

Junior Adam Herod was announced with the varsity basketball team at the pep rally.

“Getting announced was a really cool experience for me, because I was not on varsity last year so this was my first time getting to witness that,” Herod said.

Vasquez never lets his nerves take over when he speaks into the mic.

“At first I get nervous, but once I step onto that floor the nerves go away and I find it really fun,” Vasquez said.

Sophomore Braelyn Wiest cheered with varsity cheer at the pep rally.

“Cheering at the pep rallies has always been fun to me, but this year was even more special because it was my first year getting to experience it in front of a big crowd,” Wiest said.

Vasquez wishes he could get more enthusiasm from different grades. Each class has a chant to close out the pep rally and they see what grade can say theirs the loudest.

“I wish the lower classmen would be more involved and I wish that I could remember all of the chants that we do at the pep rallies,” Vasquez said.