Big wins for BPA


photo credit: James Hood

Medal Memories \\ Standing with their awards, junior Ryan Smith and the BPA contest winners were awarded medals for their achievements. “I felt like the man when I won,” Smith said.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

From solving fake problems to taking a test, the Business Professionals of America contests are something the BPA classes have worked on for months. Sophomores Santiago Castillo, winning first place, and Jack Dancy, taking home second, are just a few of the multiple winners from this school’s chapter. Blue Print visited with a couple of the many champions to get a closer look into what the BPA organization has to offer.

1. What was the BPA contest?
Santiago: The competition I was in was HR management and it’s pretty straightforward. They give me a prompt and a fake issue happening in a workplace and I do my best to try to come up with a solution that goes along with the rules.

Jack: I competed in business and law ethics and took a test that was 50 multiple choice questions.

2. What do you like about BPA?
Santiago: It gives me some kind of experience and how things will look like outside of school because I want to make a living out of HR so BPA gives me a taste of that.

Jack: I enjoy BPA because it allows me to get valuable experience that I am going to need in the future.

3. What were the Pros and Cons of the contest?
Santiago: I don’t really think there were any pros and cons, although, originally, we were hosting the competition at East, but due to restrictions going on, we still hosted buy online which wasn’t exactly ideal since there were no live judges so different people had to go to a separate room to record their competitions instead of being in front of a crowd.

Jack: The pros of BPA is that it’s a really great competition, it’s a fantastic way to get exposure to the business world. The only con of BPA is that it requires a lot of studying.

4. How did you feel when you won?
Santiago: When I submitted my video I was incredibly nervous. I personally did not think I would take first place, so I was exceedingly happy and joyful, but I did and I’ll try to carry that into state in a couple weeks.

Jack: When I found out I had gotten second place, I was so relieved, and glad that I was able to do as good as I did.