Baby Fever


photo credit: Lauren Hall

Sophomore Lauren Hall styles flour baby Lizzo West for the next

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

From bags of flour to bundles of joy , the human growth and development classes are using bags of flour to simulate parenthood. The students have to carry these bundles of joy around school for 4 days in a row. Avery Farris, Makenna Gore, and Lauren Hall are just a few of the students doing this project.


  1. What is your baby’s name? 

Lauren: Lizzo West (Kanye is the father) Makenna: Franklin Doug Hemsworth Avery: Declan


  1. What made you want to take this class?

 Lauren: I want to be a 3rd grade teacher. Makenna: I want to be a teacher because I love working with kids and it is in my  pathway. Avery: I wanted to take it to help me out with the education pathway.


What is your favorite part about the project?

 Lauren: I really enjoyed making the baby and carrying it around . Makenna: Dressing up my baby and getting to see at least a small part of what motherhood is like. Avery: Getting to change outfits.


 4 Does your baby have any special features? 

Lauren: My baby has a really cute hat with a big bow on top. Makenna:  He has googly eyes and a rolling stones sweatshirt which I think is really cute. Avery: He has a big booty. 


  1. What did you learn from the project?

 Lauren: I learned a lot more about the responsibilities of motherhood and how much of a time commitment it is. Makenna:  Being a mom is harder than it looks. And that baby clothes are really expensive. 


After this project the classes will continue to learn about how to be a future educator, a parent, and learn about the stages of life.