Leo Club shows off big hearts


photo credit: Kaleb Riley

Sweet deal \\ Recruiting members to her table, junior Ava Rhodes hands out candy to entice students to join Leo Club at East Side Rally Aug 10. “We love new members. Everyone should join Leo Club,” Rhodes.

writer: Adysen Robertson, journalism student

Lions are brave, determined, and do the best for their families. This is where the term lion-hearted is rooted from.

Examples of this behavior are all over in schools, but one specific club is known for their lion-like characteristics.

The Leo Club is made up of students of all grades and is welcome to anyone who is interested. Their main goal is to show teens that they can make a difference in their community through acts of service.

My favorite part of being in Leo Club is that I can make a difference and have an impact on so many people.”

— Kynsee Wilson, sophomore

“My favorite part of being in Leo Club is that I can make a difference and have an impact on so many people,¨ sophomore Kynsee Wilson said. 

While some teens actually like doing the service work, others may have a different reason for joining; however, no matter the case or reasoning, everyone is welcome and much appreciated. The more volunteers, the better.

“People think it takes too much time or that it is a lot of commitment, when really it is one of the easiest things I am a part of,” junior Mikalah Hodge said.

Coming out of a time where everything was shut down and distant, things were tough for everyone and especially the volunteers of Leo Club last year.

“A lot of our meetings had to be virtual, and it was hard to get our required amount of hours because there weren’t many projects we could do,” Wilson said.

Representatives along with sponsors Mrs. Gricelda Mathis and Mrs. Debbie McCain will be at the Leo Club table in the halls during Rush Week Sept. 20-24 to welcome anyone who wants to be a part of the action.