Homecoming proposal

Sophomore gets creative with hoco ask


photo credit: Isabella Flores

Caught by surprise \\ Asking sophomore Miranda Bailon to homecoming, sophomore Isaac Flores popped the question Aug. 23.

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

He may not have gotten down on one knee and presented a ring, but he did present flowers.

Getting prepared for the homecoming dance, sophomore Isaac Flores proposed the question to sophomore Miranda Bailon to the dance during lunch Aug. 23.

“I think she is very pretty and a very kind person,” Flores said.

He wanted to go out with a bang. 

If she would’ve said no, I would’ve turned around and asked my friend Nick Martinez.

— Isaac Flores, sophomore

“Me and my friends always say if we are going to do something, it’s got to be big,” Flores said.

Bailon was caught by surprise. 

“My first thoughts when he asked me were immediately ‘I can’t believe I’m getting asked.’ I was completely star struck because I didn’t expect him to ask me in front of a big group of people and a poster with flowers,” Bailon said. 

Because she likes Harry Potter, he made it represent the popular novels.

The sign said, I’ve been seeking the right homecoming date. Will you be my golden snitch? 

Bailon had a feeling something was going to happen.

“I kind of already knew that he was going to ask me because I had a bunch of people texting me to get to the back of the cafeteria but I didn’t notice the big crowd behind me,” Bailon said.

Flores had a back up plan.

“If she would’ve said no, I would’ve turned around and asked my friend Nick Martinez,” Flores said.

Bailon did not like being the center of attention all at once.

“I got scared when I saw a big group of people with their eyes on me,” she said.

Flores is ready for the dance.

“I’m just looking forward to just having a good time,” Flores said