Homecoming returns


photo credit: Mallery Koehler

Hoco prep \\ Preparing for homecoming week, senior Arely Sandoval decorates Student Council’s wall. “I had a lot of fun helping set up the background as well as the arrivals/departure signs,” Sandoval said. “Especially because it is my last year being able to do it.”

writer: Jaylee Paredes, Staff Reporter

After more than a year since the school year went online, homecoming is finally back. When  COVID-19 hit, schools limited events such as football games, pep rallies and homecoming. 

“I’m really excited about homecoming being back because I get to see everyone get dressed up and have a good time,” junior Crei Pierson said. “I think we all deserve it after a crazy year.”

The week starts off with a homecoming parade at Founders Park with the crowning of homecoming nominees. Every year, four nominees are selected for every grade level as a candidate. 


Nominees for princess and queen are:

Freshmen: Ryleigh Connors, Destiny Morgan, Enoma Odin, Kayla Robinson

Sophomores: Alexis Babb, Lauren Clark, Ellie Eason, Allison McCurdy

Juniors: Kennedy Crew, Preslee Drake, Isabella Flores, Kaylee Willeford

Seniors: Britney Erwin, Emery Hulsey, Suzie Martinez (Azucena), Maddie Read


Nominees for prince and king are:

Freshmen: Brian Barnhouse, Joel Cintron, Keaton King, Carsen Wilson

Sophomores: Santiago Castillo, Benjie Greening, Sebastian Trevino, Amjad Thabata

Juniors: Jakari Alexander, Michael Emo, Sean Taylor, Westin Waters

Seniors: Colton Collard, Marcus Harbert, Luis Lopez, Thanh Nguyen

“I felt amazing winning last year,” last year’s homecoming prince Sean Taylor said. “I think I’ll be able to win again, I have a solid ring of people backing me for my ambitions.”


Spirit Dress Up Days are: 

Monday: Oh the places you’ll go-wear a shirt from somewhere you’ve been or want to go

Tuesday: City Lights vs. Country-wear neon classes or western wear

Wednesday: Island vs. Mountains-wear beach-themed or snow day attire

Thursday: A day of Traveling-dress like a tourist

Friday: Home Sweet Home-wear your class color or Raider Nation gear

Freshman-grey, sophomores-baby blue, juniors-navy, seniors-white, and teachers are blue tie-dye


“I’m super excited about a day of traveling,” junior Isabella Flores said. “It’ll be fun seeing everyone in their tacky tourist outfits.”

Concluding homecoming week is the pep rally to celebrate and encourage the football team for their game later that evening Sept. 3.

For the first time, the pep rally is during fourth period instead of at the end of the day. 

“Since athletics is now fourth period, it’s more convenient this way,” Student Council Sponsor Breeghan Gholson said. “Also, since our school day runs later than most other high schools, this prevents the football players from having to leave the pep rally early to get ready for the game.”

Due to the size of the student body, freshmen will watch the pep rally virtually.