New cadets, new skills

Freshmen in AFJROTC introduced to basic skills at First-Year Orientation 

photo credit: TJ Garvin
Helping hand \\ Guiding a first year, junior Riley Peirce and senior JT Red help guide freshman Karis Craig through the proper flag folding procedures during the end of the day flag ceremony Aug. 18. “Folding the flags can be one of the hardest things to perfect, but once you got it you’re gold,” Red said.

writer: Savannah Kiser, yearbook staff contributor

First-year orientation in Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an opportunity for freshmen in the program to learn basic skills such as leadership, marching and establishing relationships. 

New cadets learn some of the basic knowledge required to be a cadet, including followership, basic drill movements, cadet corps organization and rank structure, terminology and the purpose and standards expected of an AFJROTC cadet. They also spend time team-building and getting fitted for their uniforms,” AFJROTC Instructor Colonel Brooks McFarland said.

JROTC orientation helps freshmen know the necessary skills for the program.

JROTC is not completely military-focused, it also helps with creating self-dignity.

“It is also not just marching and doing physical exercise,” Col. McFarland said. “This is a program that uses military training techniques and resources to help young people be more thoughtful, more self-disciplined, more confident in themselves, better leaders, critical thinkers, service-oriented, more aware of the world around them, and more prepared as adults to take responsibility for their lives whether they are going to college or starting a career after high school.”

JROTC ultimately helps students grow their character. 

“JROTC is not the stereotypes people say it is,” junior Toriono Garvin said. The ideal characteristics of JROTC are our core values being Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all that we do. Last but not least is how JROTC helps develop your character,” Garvin said.