Media staffs win achievement awards

Tops in Texas \\ This reaction to a fetal pig earned senior Cason Jackson first place and a Tops in Texas honor for Academic Photo in UIL’s Interscholastic League Press Conference.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

UIL released the Interscholastic League Press Conference Individual Achievement Awards May 2. The yearbook and newspaper staffs won a total of 10 different awards.

Both publications also received the highest rating: Distinguished Merit.

The top publications are then entered into competition for ILPC’s prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze Star awards. The 2018-2019 yearbook, led by editor in chief Maddie Smith, went on to win a Bronze Star award.

According to “Recipients of the Star Awards represent the top 10 percent of student newspapers and yearbooks in Texas.”

Perhaps the most prestigious award went to senior Cason Jackson. His photo of students’ reaction to opening their pig fetus for the first time won him first place in the Academic Photo contest. First places in each division then go up against one another for the ultimate achievement: Tops in Texas.

“This is only the second time in the school’s history to win a Tops in Texas,” journalism adviser Casi Thedford said. “This means, he not only had the best academic photo in 5A, but in the entire state!”

Following are the winners of the IAA awards:



1st place Academic Photo-Cason Jackson, Also a Tops in Texas winner!

3rd place Student Life Photo-Everett Vasquez

Honorable Mention Student Life Photo-Katie Borchetta

Honorable Mention Student Life Spread-Lauren Vasquez

Honorable Mention Blended Coverage Spread-Macey Griffin

Honorable Mention Blended Coverage Spread-Melissa Wrobel (2019 grad)



2nd place Headline Writing: Addie Orr, Ryah Hill, Emily Smalley, Andrea Ensign, Avery Platt

Honorable Mention Sports Feature Story-Abrianna Gilkey

Honorable Mention Feature Writing-Andrea Ensign

Honorable Mention Feature Photo-Kayla Robertson

Honorable Mention Photo Portfolio-Addie Orr


Adviser’s Challenge

1st Place Photography-Casi Thedford